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Driven by ideas. Grounded in insight.

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Shine deliver creative PR and communications that drive commercial success. It sounds simple. But you'd be surprised at how many agencies don’t deliver on this.

The campaigns we create for clients are defined by a single, compelling creative thought. If the most effective way to connect the idea to consumers is by creating the world’s first party launderette where people can drink and dry, we’ll do that (we have, by the way).

If it’s engaging consumers through social media to design their perfect British Transformer, we’ll do that (yep, that too). If it’s creating a world-first with gender recognition advertising, then we love that (and we really did). Or if it’s putting together content that people simply cannot ignore, we’ll do that (all the time).

Through our in-house resources and network of partners, we’ll bring ideas to life through traditional press, social media, events, video, online properties, advertising and original publications. You can see examples of our recent work here.

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  • Shine1: Planning & Strategy

    It all starts with fresh insight and Shine1 is our proprietary planning and strategic process. It allows us to drill down into the crux of a challenge, understanding the opportunities and deliver clear, focused thinking to govern our creative process.

  • Media and Blogger Relations

    For companies in the public eye, perception is everything. Our team offer advice, strategies, and truly effective PR campaigns that change perceptions and encourage positive engagement with the general public.

  • Social Media

    Not every agency gets social media. We do. Always ahead of the curve, we’ve been using social media to generate viral publicity for our clients for years, generating positive and measurable returns on investment.

  • Digital Content

    Our digital team provide both analytical solutions and impactful content creation to drive behaviour with audience and demonstrate real-time shifts in our clients’ sales.

  • Shine Futures: Trend Analysis

    To know where you’re going, first you have to know where you’ve been. We analyse trends and provide comprehensive reports that enable you to exploit and leverage key market trends before others.

  • Events and Experiential

    When it comes to getting your message across, there’s no substitute for getting hands on; from launch events, trade shows, immersive experiences to sampling and street theatre – if the situation demands it. We let your customers experience your brand first hand.

  • Design

    We believe messages are much more effective when they’re presented to your customers in the right way, from brochures and boxes to websites, social media pages, and apps. Design matters. We make it count.

  • Issues Management

    When issues arise, our team is on hand to offer strategies and solutions that resolve them. In the real world things don’t always go according to plan. But with the right strategy in place we can help you limit damage and get your side of the story across.

  • Internal Communications

    Internal communications are an essential tool for any large company or brand in helping to inform, motivate, and improve relations with staff. We create compelling internal communications for clients that are on message and on target, based on our own award winning employee programmes.

  • Corporate Social Responsibility

    Ensuring that an organisation has robust and strategic community based programmes is an essential part of corporate reputation. From affiliating brands with partners, to developing programmes that make a difference to society and give back, we have unrivalled experience in this area.

  • PR-led Advertising

    Great advertising campaigns should get people talking and not rely on media spend alone. We create advertising as part of our integrated campaigns, but only if the advertising itself creates buzz and excitement. Our recent ads for Plan UK and Forever 21 are testimony to this.


Our award-winning, industry leading measurement and evaluation system, ERIC.

ERIC (Evaluating Results in Integrated Campaigns) focuses on the outcome of communications campaigns in terms of consumer perception, sentiment and behavioural change, rather than simply the output of activity. ERIC has over 50 different ways to analyse campaigns, including the latest social media techniques, as well as statistical analysis and econometric modelling tools. We think ERIC's great of course, but then we would. Far more importantly, in 2013 we won an AMEC Award for Best Use of a Research, Measurement and Evaluation Programme and a PRCA Award for Best evaluation in 2012. We were also shortlisted in the 2013 Sabre awards for a Sabre Award for Superior Achievement in Measurement and Evaluation, specifically for our Plan UK campaign. 


Shine reports

We believe in insight-led creativity and that this is the key to ideas that make a difference to business.

So we set an example and publish our own insight reports that look at stuff that gets us excited like trends, marketing industry change, creativity and the impact of social media on communications.

#Smartplanning Report

Delivering Effective All Agency Planning in the Age of Social Media

We have been working with MBA students from the London Business School and some of the UK's top marketing directors to explore the challenges of cross agency planning in the age of social media. Check it out below.

Open Publication