Case study.

Yell: using digital to make the most out of a great ad campaign.

  • Day V Lately
  • Day V Lately
  • Day V Lately
The challenge

In a crowded marketplace, Yell needed to stand out, attract attention and demonstrate the uniqueness of its mobile offering. With a great ad campaign in place, they needed to amplify the effect of their advertising and convert people into users of their mobile app.

The solution

We drew on the heritage of the original JR Hartley ad, where the eponymous JR Hartley searches countless stores for a copy of the book he wrote, to bring Yell into the 21st century.


We created a fictional DJ, Day V Lately, and gave him a history as well as a mission - to find a copy of a record he released in the early ‘90s.

To do this, we created a backstory for him on the web, meaning that when the ad was launched, consumers would immediately be able to find information about Day V Lately and engage with his story. Not only did we actually release the track, we even created a music video featuring a cameo by Ulrika Jonsson.

We then launched the Willie Wonka inspired "golden record" competition, placing Day V's vinyl in independent record stores which consumers could locate with Yell's app.

The results

The campaign managed to achieve a truly impressive 146,660 hits on YouTube, gained 3,100 Facebook fans and 2,300 twitter followers, all of whom helped push the fictional single up to the top 10 dance downloads on iTunes. 410 media mentions were generated including 18 national mentions and two TV spots. Overall, the campaign generated an OTS of approximately 64 million - one for every person in the UK. The Yell Mobile App went to number 6 in the App Store download chart while traffic to the Yell website rose by 140%, proving that supplementing an ad campaign with social, viral, and digital communications works.

200% increased downloads  of Yell’s app