Case study.

Sony: Engaging a European audience through digital content.

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The challenge

Create content to bring to life the themes of one of Sony’s biggest titles to help create standout from the range of games on offer for the Christmas 2011 release.

The solution


Gamers love video content that takes them beyond the story that they already know and gives them more insight into a title.


Create high quality short films in English, French, German and Spanish that explore the idea of an alternate history; showcasing people who you believe to be WWII survivors but who are revealed to be speaking of their battle against the chimera army during the 1950’s setting of the game’s action.

The results

Global hero coverage achieved across Sony territories around the globe. 46,000 views of the films on YouTube in their first week of release and 85% ‘likes’ on YouTube. The title was the highest-placed platform exclusive in the UK on week of release with 500,000 copies sold globally by end of October 2011.