Case study.

Raising awareness of Volkswagen’s Amarok.

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  • Volkswagen Amarok
  • Volkswagen Amarok
The challenge

We were tasked with creating a moment in time that would get the target audience talking about the vehicle’s launch whilst demonstrating the power of the vehicle. We developed the concept of a stunt that would allow us to generate talkability around the launch and assets that could be maximised throughout the marketing activity.

The solution


Because we identified that we needed to get into media channels that didn’t normally write about commercial vehicles we recommended attempting a ‘world first’ in order to create word-of-mouth around the launch period and create stand-out for the vehicle against competitors.

The Idea

To demonstrate the power and intelligence of the vehicle, Four Amarok vehicles were used to pull down a 67 metre steel chimney weighing 140 tonnes and standing at nearly the same height as Westminster Abbey. The chimney would normally have been demolished using a 40 tonne excavator, but after months of careful planning with structural engineers, demolition experts and stunt experts, the Volkswagen Amarok became the first vehicle to attempt such a task ever. This clearly demonstrated Amarok’s unique combination of power coupled with the knowledge and intelligence to successfully bring down a chimney safely. 

The results

Traffic to the Volkswagen website increased tenfold and sales targets were met and a waiting list had to be created to cope with consumer demand. There was a 2,000% increase in online discussion. 

2000% increase in online discussion