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Plan UK: raising awareness.

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The challenge

For global children’s charity Plan UK, we were tasked with developing a fully integrated brand building campaign to raise awareness and drive lead generation. We followed the Shine1 six-step process to deliver a creative platform and channel recommendation that would deliver maximum engagement.

The solution

We conducted a series of internal workshops and external focus groups to determine and refine a suitable campaign territory and creative platform for Plan. In addition, UKPulse, a media audience tool usually reserved for advertising agencies, was used to determine our specific audience and suitable media channels. With a defined target audience of ABC1 25-35 women, our insight identified the campaign territory of empowering girls as the most engaging, and within this the creative platform of ‘Choices For Girls’.


Use our advertising spend wisely by creating an innovative advertising platform that set the news agenda and drives column inches: we created a UK-first facial recognition ad that brings our key campaign message of ‘Choices for Girls’ to life by denying men the chance to see ad content based on a facial scan, highlighting how unfair it is to have choices taken away from you because of your gender.

The results

The campaign generated over 36,500 web hits to date with total awareness (whole UK population) going up from 5% to 7% and awareness within target up from 9% to 17%. The advertising generated over 170 media features including Financial Times, Independent, Guardian, Daily Mail, BBC London Tonight, Radio 4 and Radio 5 Live, and Twitter activity reaching 16 million people.

“Insight-led creative communications agency who can deliver great results. They are also great people to work with. ”

Leigh Daynes, Communications Director, Plan

13% increase in awareness in just two months