Case study.

eBay: shifting perceptions in the mobile shopping market.

  • Ebay Christmas store
  • Ebay Christmas boutique
  • Ebay Christmas boutique
The challenge

Despite over half of eBay sales being made at one fixed price, many people don't associate eBay with this payment route. One of our challenges was to encourage people to do their Christmas shopping on eBay and, in doing so, shift their perceptions from just it being an auction site to a retailer of brand new fixed price products.

The solution

Trend analysis shows mobile shopping is the UK's fastest growing retail format. With the right consumer perception, eBay could take an early lead in this lucrative market. 


We launched the UK's first Quick Response (QR code) shopping emporium to provide a till-less shopping experience featuring high-street brands like Zavvi and House of Fraser to over 24,000 visitors to the eBay mobile site.

The results

The campaign generated over 650 tweets (many from extremely well read and influential users) and over 160 pieces of coverage in the UK, as well as international coverage in the US, New Zealand, France and Germany. We estimate word of our campaign reached 92 million people. Out of 24,000 shoppers who visited the store’s microsite, over 2,500 bought something. More importantly, many people's perceptions of eBay were fundamentally changed. Comparing before and after, visitors demonstrated a significant attitude shift with people associating eBay with both Christmas and fixed price shopping


“High quality, consistent service and strong creativity and results.”

Paul Newman, Global VP Comms, eBay

84% perception shift