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  • 9th March 2015

    Zizzi’s ‘pizz-a’ artwork: Cara Delevingne, Kate Moss, Anna Wintour & Karl Lagerfeld

    To celebrate London Fashion Week the Zizzi team at Shine arranged for four fashion faces to be specially recreated in pizza form

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    In the run up to LFW the Zizzi team treated four of our media pals to delicious pizzas to keep them going during one of the biggest moments in the fashion calendar. The team picked key  icons to be featured in pizza form, these included Cara Delevingne, Kate Moss, Anna Wintour & Karl Lagerfeld. Cara was such a fan of her face as a pizza she re-tweeted and instagrammed it!

  • Oscars

    20th February 2015

    2015 Oscars Predictions

    By Joel Zietcer and Caolan Mahon

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    There's nothing more important to us at Shine than insight. "Insightful creative consumer communications for iconic brands with commercial impact" - it's right there as our Twitter headline, in black and white, for all to see (of course you already knew that, being a follower of @Shinecomms, right?)

    'Insight' is the single most important thing to us Shiners. Insight, and digital integration. The two most important things. Creativity, of course, and creativity. Three things. The world of film is pretty big news for us too. Ok there are lots of things that are important to us.

    So as we approach the biggest night in the film calendar this weekend, the 87th annual Academy Awards, it got us thinking. Is this ceremony, lauded by many in the industry as being 'less about film and more about money' (see our post from last year)  , really a clear sign of public opinion? Do the thoughts of The Academy sit in line with the rest of the world anymore? Or are they more concerned about where the next Ellen-selfie will be coming from, and less concerned about truly acknowledging the best in the business?

    That's when it struck us. Being the insightful creative communicators that we are (see earlier) could we put The Oscars back into the hands of the people, where they belong? Surely it needn't be too scientific: predict the winners by analysing who has been about talked about most positively by the film-watching universe.

    So that's exactly what we've done.

    The first step was to use our buzz monitoring tools to analyse the level of online conversations relating to each nominee and the Oscars. There was a lot – over 460,000 since the shortlist was announced in fact. To filter out any unwanted buzz, for example Kiera Knightley’s appearance on The Jonathan Ross show, we generated a series of Boolean search queries that scrutinised the data and regurgitated only the good stuff. Speaking of which, our next step was to analyse exactly what the mentions referred to, good and bad. Removing all mentions containing negative sentiment, we were left with solely positive responses, thus unearthing the ‘People’s Winners’. 

    We haven't looked at every category, mind; if you're worried about the winner for Best Film Editing then this probably isn't the experiment for you anyway.

    So consider that our lengthy opening musical number, cue the lighting change, and let's get on with the show: and The Oscar goes to...

    The nominees for Best Supporting Actress are:

    Patricia Arquette

    Emma Stone 

    Laura Dern 

    Meryl Streep

    Keira Knightley 

    …and The Oscar goes to: Meryl Streep


    The nominees for Best Supporting Actor are:

    Robert Duvall 

    Mark Ruffalo 

    Ethan Hawke


    Edward Norton 

    and The Oscar goes to: Robert Duvall


    The nominees for Best Actor are: 

    Steve Carell 

    Michael Keaton 

    Bradley Cooper 

    Eddie Redmayne 

    Benedict Cumberbatch

    …and The Oscar goes to: Eddie Redmayne


    The nominees for Best Actress are:

    Marion Cotillard 

    Rosamund Pike 

    Felicity Jones 

    Reese Witherspoon

    Julianne Moore

    and The Oscar goes to: Julianne Moore


    The nominees for Best Picture are:

    American Sniper

    The Imitation Game




    The Theory of Everything

    The Grand Budapest Hotel


    …and The Oscars goes to: Birdman

    There we have it, the results are in and you've chosen YOUR winners. Do you agree/disagree? Let us know your thoughts by tweeting with the hashtag #ThePeoplesOscars. We invite you, of course, to tune in this Sunday to see if these predictions reflect the opinions of The Academy. Who knows, maybe Eddie Redmayne is reading this as we speak and considers himself a winner already? We like to think so. 

    Notes to editor: Shine can't be held responsible for any of the results being correct. Unless they turn out to be correct, then we can be held fully responsible.



  • YouTube

    15th February 2015

    Happy 10th Birthday Youtube!

    Happy Birthday to YouTube, a whole tens years.

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    The do grow up fast!

    In 10 years, YouTube has become the to go to channel for "How tos” “How comes” and  “How the hells”. The world is now a much smaller place, if you want to learn a new language it’s there. If you want to discover an artist that performs in Swahili on a ukulele it’s there. From learning how to change the oil in your car to the theory of Quantum physics, YouTube has that content. 

    Its power of change has been shown in what happened in Egypt, and how one video sparked a revolution. 

    Younger You Tubers armed with just a camera and some great lighting have created personas that are bigger than most celebrities and have influential power that brands would kill for. Oprah used to do that, no more. YouTube has empowered a tribe of 20 somethings that control what's on trend and what gets bought. 

    From an entertainment view, YouTube lets you choose what you want in any niche. If it’s fly fishing for left-handers there’s probably a show for that. You decide, and if it doesn’t exist, you create it. 

    Film studios are now releasing trailers for the trailers,  Music artists release lyric videos prior to the official video being aired. With YouTube’s easy access, a new track will have about 500 covers by aspiring musicians before the day is through. These aspiring musicians have gone on to their own careers, just off the back of a 3 minute clip they uploaded. 

    Advertising is now entertainment, TV ads are extended on YouTube, through behind the scenes, interactive content and viewer responses. The TV ads have merely become a secondary channel and YouTube the main hub where the sales, clicks and shares come from. There are a multitude of gaming walkthroughs. Stuck on a level? There are channels that will show you every single step in completing it. Review-in game footage before buying. 

    Education has been completely opened up, to anyone, in any language. Maths, Science, Biology or lessons on how to learn quicker, retain information. Instead of reading that boring text book there are 3D renderings or amazing animations explaining things better. All free. This makes education free to anyone, anywhere in the world.  

    It’s the second biggest search engine in the world, second to its owner Google. It’s the norm to ‘YouTube' an answer now, rather than read how to make that soufflé, watch some bloke in Liverpool show you how he did it. YouTube has moved lightyears beyond the ‘funny home video’ channel it was in the old days and is now this visual behemoth of unlimited information. Any single thing you want to know, it's there. Any single cause you want to find out more about or comment on, it's there. Any dodgy music video from the eighties, it’s there.


  • grad

    10th February 2015

    Shine Grad Scheme 2015

    Want to work at one of the top communications agencies in the industry? Shine is on the hunt for the restlessly brilliant stars of the future. Think you’ve got what it takes?

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    If you’ve graduated by summer 2015 and are looking to kick-start a career in PR then you should consider applying for our graduate programme.

    We take it you’ve looked around our site and got the feel of our agency.  If you can see yourself being part of the Shine team, then read on.

    We’re offering four paid graduate placements to start in summer 2015 for five months.  The lucky candidates will be working as part of a dedicated team on a number of Shine’s clients and will be mentored by some of the best PR professionals in the business.

    Key timings:

    ·      Entry closing date 20th March 2015

    ·      Phone interviews for successful applicants: w/c 30th March 2015

    ·      A final shortlist of applicants will be invited to come to Shine for the next stage on 30th April 2015

    ·      Graduate placements will start from June 2015

    Please note, YOU MUST HAVE GRADUATED BY THIS SUMMER! Please don’t apply if you will be going back to university after the summer holiday.

    To be in with a chance of being one of our 2015 grads please send your CV and a covering letter for the attention of Lisa Rodgers to:

    Within your covering letter we would like you to tell us about your skills:

    • Why would you be suited to a job in PR?
    • Which recent PR story really caught your attention?
    • Any dates you aren’t available to work over the summer and the reason why

    We would like to get to know you a little better, so please tell us (in no more than 200 words for each point):

    • Three interesting facts about yourself
    • What it is that drew you to apply to Shine?
    • What your favourite brand, film or product is – and what you would do to launch it to the media/target audience
    • And anything else you think best shows off your creativity - it could be a photo, video, poem, piece of writing or a presentation, it’s really up to you
    The closing date for entries is 20th March 2015.  If you are successful in the first stage of application you will be contacted for a short phone interview*. If you impress us you will be invited to come and show us what you’re all about here at Shine. If you’re one of the four chosen ones you will be invited to complete a five month paid placement, with the possibility of more if you really shine… 

    * Please note if you haven’t received a phone call by 30th March your application has therefore not been successful, sorry.

    Good Luck!

    If you would like to come and experience working at Shine we also offer work experience placements throughout the year.  If you are interested please send your CV along with a covering letter and the dates you’re available to FAO Sophie




  • AGM

    6th February 2015

    Out of this world - Shine takes a trip to the year 2050…..

    Last week saw Shiners boldly go where no man has gone before… the futuristic galaxy of Somerset. Our annual AGM saw futuristic outfits, prehistoric dance moves and prestigious awards won….

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    Shine headed down to a galaxy far, far away - or rather, to the picturesque countryside of Somerset for a fun-packed Space themed day and night. Donned in our best 'out of this universe' gear, we celebrated a great 2014 and the exciting plans for 2015.

    As dawn turned to dusk, our awards night saw a few well deserved Shiners pick up gongs. Sophie Pettifer won the ultimate 'Shine Founders Award', Arnold Bennett held aloft the ‘Shiner on a Stick’ and Elisa Wegenast took away a whopping £750 after a tense game of ‘Deal or no Deal’ with host Joel Zietcer Edmonds.

    The wins kickstarted the celebrations and ensured that all of us were filled with great 'spirits' for 2015! 



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