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    26th November 2015

    Shine's Kew to feel all Christmassy

    With the mulled wine flowing, the chestnuts roasting and the mince pies baking I think it’s fair to say that the Christmas started last night for us. Shine’s creativity team were invited to experience the opening of Kew Gardens’ new 2015 Winter trail.

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    The 1-mile trial wound it’s way around the world-famous botanic gardens in a magical after-dark experience. We walked through a ‘choir’ of hedges, curtains made of lights as well as watching a water and light display to the sounds of our favourite Christmas songs.

    This one is definitely worth a visit with the family!


  • Shine Communications wins Weight Watchers brief

    26th November 2015

    Shine lands consumer PR brief with Weight Watchers

    Weight loss programme Weight Watchers has appointed Shine Communications on an initial 12-month contract, following a four-way pitch.

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    Shine managing director Lawrence Collis said: "Weight Watchers is one of the world’s most recognisable lifestyle and healthy eating brands so we’re delighted to add them to our growing portfolio of clients."

    Weight Watchers was founded in New York in the 1960s. The brand now operates in 20 markets globally, and it has more than 6,000 UK groups.

  • Rooney

    25th November 2015

    Shine helps Rooney make his mark

    Shine Communications just wrapped up the 2015 November WWE UK Tour in which the Shine team and the WWE crew travelled to 13 different cities to put on 14 live shows across the UK.

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    From media ticket accreditations, regional ticket competitions, talent interviews and appearances, along with key UK influencer maximisation, this was most definitely Shine’s most successful tour yet! Leading up to the tour, everyones favourite UK Superstar, King Barrett, had a very public twitter spat with football legend Wayne Rooney. To add a little fuel to the fire, Shine Communications arranged for Rooney to make his first official WWE debut in a televised piece with King Barrett, where some back and forth taunting at ringside resulted in an almighty slap that sent the WWE Universe into overdrive. Social exploded around the world, generating over 414 million impressions on Twitter in less than 24 hours, as well as extensive international and global coverage. 


    13th November 2015

    Culture and inspiration MERGE for Shine's latest trip

    Last month, the MERGE bankside festival opened its doors and treated London to its 6th year of another impressive month long arts festival. Curated by Illuminate productions, this annual festival was designed to celebrate the rich heritage and contemporary culture of Bankside through a dynamic showcase of performances encompassing music, theatre, art and history to name a few.

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    Our Shine Creative Inspiration trip took us to the MERGE festival’s installation, ‘On Your Wavelength’. The simplest description of this installation is of a mind-powered laser and light show, but the twist is that it is your mind that controls it.

    Set underneath one of the railway arches on America Street, we were guided into a pitch black room and in turn, stood to face down a 20 metre tunnel and fitted with an EEG headset. In real time, the activity from our brain’s fluctuating wavelengths was measured by the EEG monitor and translated, through a computer, into a laser and sound spectacle that was beamed down this 20 metre tunnel and heard in surround sound. In other words, your individual thought patterns informed the choreography of sound and light. We were told that if a bright white light was produced, that we achieved the optimum concentration that the installation could process.

    It is no surprise that ‘On Your Wavelength’ was the brainchild of Marcus Lyall, the British artist behind the award-winning stage visuals for the Chemical Brothers. In collaboration with interactive composer Rob Thomas and designer/technologist Alex Anpilogov, ‘On Your Wavelength’ sought to highlight participants’ minds as tangible objects and generate a unique ‘brain signature’ for each person. It not only achieved this but also demonstrated that these guys have got some serious skill.

    The second installation we visited was Bompas & Parr’s ‘The Chamber of Wishes’. This installation was designed to commemorate the rich history of springs, wells and grottos in London’s Bankside that have been somewhat forgotten over the past centuries. “The Chamber of Wishes” was an immersive installation where we were asked to reflect on our personal hopes and wishes and on leaving, to write them on tags and tie them alongside other people’s hopes and dreams. By enlisting the help of Microbiologist Dr Simon Park, Bompas & Parr sought to create a unique merger between art, science, folklore and mystery of the natural world by using bioluminescent sea water, also known as living light, in the wishing fountain. Bioluminescent light has the ability to sense movement in water, and to convert that light into an enrapturing light display.

    It’s so important to look beyond the obvious routes for creative inspiration, this trip was a great conversation starter and really helped the team to think differently as well as consider how we might apply these unique multi-sensory experiences to our clients. Watch this space for more creative inspiration in the coming weeks…

    By H.G. Wells

  • Rope Charity

    14th September 2015

    Shine's 'Pier To Pier' Charity Walk 02.10.15

    Shine are delighted to announce our 'Pier To Pier' charity walk in aid of Rope. The walk will take place on Friday 2nd October, when the whole agency will be taking on the 21 miles between Eastbourne Pier and Brighton Pier.

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    Shine are delighted to announce our 'Pier To Pier' charity walk in aid of Rope. The walk will take place on Friday 2nd October, when the whole agency will be taking on the 21 miles between Eastbourne Pier and Brighton Pier. Rope is a charity which helps to transform the lives of marginalised and disadvantaged people in impoverished communities throughout the world. 

    The project Shine are supporting is in the Roodewal ghetto in Worcester, South Africa where over 10,000 people live in poverty and 90% of crime is gang-related. The money Shine aim to raise will support a number of schools in the area including a pre-school and a school for the blind to ensure the children and young people in the ghetto are given the chance for a proper education and a proper start in life.

    To find out more about Rope’s great work and how you can help Shine reach their target follow the link below to donate:



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