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About us

About us

Shine is an independent, creative communications agency specialising in social, search and PR. We are an agency with a difference. We don't buy attention: we earn it. In an environment where consumers are getting harder to reach, only the best ideas punch through the noise. We build insightful, creative campaigns that deliver real commercial value for our clients. In fact, we don't rest until we do.

Expect innovation. Demand results.
Restless brilliance, from Shine.

What we do.

Insight, creativity, commercial impacts.

What we do

251 combined years of experience
1,201 OTS 334 facebook likes 4,371 twitter followe

“I love working with Shine, they are always friendly and approachable and come up with great ways to cover things that are spot on for Glamour. The events that Shine put together are always a cut above the average media event: from decadent dinners to fairground parties I’ve never RSVPed ‘no’.”

Rebecca Cox, Glamour

“Nothing short of brilliant.”

Brand Director, Indesit

“Continually raising the bar on their own achievements.”

Richard Clarkson, Marketing Director, Paramount Home Entertainment

“Insight-led creative communications agency who can deliver great results. They are also great people to work with. ”

Leigh Daynes, Communications Director, Plan

“Since its earliest days, Shine has been known for its big, bold creative ideas.”

Paul Holmes, Holmes Report

“Shine Communications provide media outlets with exactly what they need - on-the-spot answers and fast delivery of information and broadcast material. It's great to work with a PR company that can keep up the pace!”

Colin Byrne, The Gadget Show


Don't just take our word for it.


“They deliver everything we ask for and they are our best agency.”

John Potts, Marketing Director, Clarks

“They have the expertise to approach us with only stories, talent and angles that they know will appeal…”

Charlie Parrish,

“Continually raising the bar on their own achievements.”

Richard Clarkson, Marketing Director, Paramount Home Entertainment

“I'm always happy to pick up the phone to a member of the Shine team. They're easy to deal with, know what journalists need and always achieve their goals.”

Dean Piper, Sunday Mirror

“Shine’s move is a big and bold step and throws down the gauntlet to other agencies to look at their measurement and evaluation systems, or risk being left behind. ”

Barry Leggetter, AMEC

“Shine are always an absolute pleasure to work with – professional, productive and more importantly, friendly. The Shine…”

Nick Rylance, Daybreak

12 Awards and counting...

Our people.

Brilliance personified.

Our people